Umrah E Visa

Umrah E Visa

One of the main reasons Muslims worldwide seek an Umrah Visa (E-Visa)to visit Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Muslims make this pilgrimage quite frequently. Pilgrims are free to plan when to perform Umrah because there is no set time of year to do so except for the Hajj period.

An E-Visa for Umrah: What is it?

Worldwide, Muslims are eager to perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, Umrah pilgrims needed a specific visa for a very long time. The Saudi Arabian government has made it simple for tourists to visit the Kingdom by allowing them to apply only for an Umrah visa with the new electronic visa policy. This new policy of E-visa was announced in September 2019, and if they meet the requirements, citizens of a wide range of nations can apply for an Umrah visa online. However, pilgrims to the Hajj and Umrah now have access to a brand-new Digital Visa App. Pilgrims will receive an electronic Visa to begin their spiritual journey after entering their biometric information into the app. Aspiring pilgrims can now apply for Umrah E Visa from the comfort of their offices, homes, or even while traveling with the new e-visa system. A visitor visa for Umrah will be beneficial to several nations, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Italy, the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Austria, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, Andorra, Brunei, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Greece. Other nations on the list include Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Malta, Luxembourg, Portugal, Ireland, Russia, Slovakia, San Marino, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Latvia, Ukraine, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Norway, and Australia. Only four nations allow citizens to travel to Saudi Arabia without a visa: UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman.

Required Documents for Umrah Visa

Visitors to Umrah can quickly get an Umrah visa on their own without the assistance of a third-party travel agency. Before applying for an Umrah Visa application, first, you should prepare some documents. It comprises:

    • At least six months of validity are required on the passport of an eligible nation upon arrival in the Kingdom.
    • Financial means, such as an online payment card, to pay the Saudi Arabia visa fee online.
    • A working email ID.
    • A new identification estimated photo was taken against an all-white foundation. (The applicant’s full face should be shown in the camera for the photograph).
    • A non-refundable round or return ticket.
    • Before entering Saudi Arabia, the certificate of meningitis vaccination must have been obtained within ten days and no more than three years.
    • An Islamic Center or mosque certificate is proof that the applicant is a Muslim. Those who have converted to Islam but do not have a Muslim name must meet this requirement.
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